Don’t ignore these sounds from your heating system or furnace


Image of inside a furnace

Specific Furnace Noises That You Should Need To Be Concerned With Your house can make a lot of weird noises, which might concern you, but most of the time it’s nothing. It can either be your house settling or a noise coming from outside. But sometimes, that strange noise that you keep hearing at night and the day can be … Read More

Why Humidity is beneficial in the Winter

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Definition of humidity

We seem to have this love/hate relationship with humidity. It’s horrible in the summer, but quite lovely in the winter! When it’s too humid in the summer, the air is sticky and moist, causing an uncomfortable feeling for many. High humidity in the summer can also lead to some things, including muggy conditions, mold growth and sleep discomfort and the … Read More

Does my furnace need annual maintenance?


Now that fall is officially here, you’re probably getting your home ready for the upcoming holidays. Not only should you change out your home’s décor to match the season, but you should winterize your home so that it’s ready for colder temperatures. One thing that’s always recommended is that you get your furnace inspected by a professional each year to … Read More

Why Trane?

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Trane AC

Frew Plumbing and Trane: The Names Built by Years of Reliability. Installations and maintenance of furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners are complicated, but that complication builds reliability. These systems make a difference in the quality of comfort that your family or employees and customers may experience in your home or your business. The efficiency of these systems may also … Read More