Indoor Humidity helps reduce allergens

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Indoor Humidity And Its Benefits To Reduce Allergies and Illnesses
Your home’s air quality is essential because it can have positive or negative effects on your family’s health. Keeping your home’s air fresh can translate to a healthy family, which is why it’s important always to make sure your home has optimal humidity levels. Three things make a home’s air healthy: it must be clean, fresh and have proper humidity levels. Not only is this important during the winter when the air is dry, and there’s little moisture, but in summer, too! Your home’s indoor humidity levels can prevent illnesses and allergies, as well as protect your home’s wood furniture and more.

Why Dry Air Is A Problem
Dry air is prominent during the winter months. This is because the cold outdoor air combines with your home’s heated indoor to produce dry, stale air. Dry air is a problem because air with low humidity makes you more susceptible to getting sick with a cold or flu. Also, dry air can increase your chances of getting other respiratory infections like sinus infections and more. Dry air also causes your nasal passages to dry out when they should remain moist, causing uncomfortable symptoms like bloody noses, constant sneezing and more. Plus, dry air can be a trigger of asthma in your kids or aggravate seasonal allergies.
Not only is dry air terrible for your health but also your home. It can cause structural damage to your walls, hardwood floors, and wooden furniture, causing them to crack and split. And those annoying and sometimes painful static shocks are also caused by low humidity levels in your home’s air! These static shocks also can cause damage to your precious electronic devices.
Dry air also makes you feel colder than it is, making you crank up the heater. And as you overheat your home, you’re only making the air drier than ever! You’ll also see your electric bill skyrocket as you turn up the heat, too.

How Humidity Helps
Good relative humidity levels in your home will keep your nasal passages moist and healthy, reduce your chances of getting sick and alleviate the symptoms of illnesses if you do. The right humidity levels can also protect your home and make your more comfortable. Your home will stay warmer when it’s cold out, so you won’t need to crank up the heat during the winter. It can also keep you cool during summer, decreasing the need to keep your AC running all the time.

The ideal relative humidity for optimal comfort is about 40% to 50%. Of course, you can use personal humidifiers in each room, but adding a whole-home humidification system is so much easier! Instead of having to spend money on multiple humidifiers and take the time to turn them all on, you turn on the switch to one unit that will cover your entire house. A Whole home humidifier is installed right to your cooling and heating system and introduces humidity via water vapor in your ductwork. You easily control the humidity levels via your thermostat any time of the year.

Frew Plumbing is knowledgeable and skilled at installing whole-home humidifiers and can help add moisture back into your home’s dry air. Our expert technicians will come out and install it in no time so that your entire family can start benefiting from proper relative humidity in your home! Give us a call today to talk about your whole home humidifier options.