Don’t ignore these sounds from your heating system or furnace


Image of inside a furnace

Specific Furnace Noises That You Should Need To Be Concerned With

Your house can make a lot of weird noises, which might concern you, but most of the time it’s nothing. It can either be your house settling or a noise coming from outside. But sometimes, that strange noise that you keep hearing at night and the day can be a cause for concern, especially if you hear your furnace making sounds you’ve never heard before! For the safety of your home and family, make sure you’re in tune with the kind of noises your furnace makes so that you can differentiate between the normal noises and some of the weird ones, which can help provide you with signs about your furnace’s health.
So what sort of noises from your furnace should you be worried about? Read on to find out!

A loud, banging noise coming from your furnace should signal a call for repair since it can mean one of two things. First, the banging can signify that there is a problem with your furnace’s air ducts. They can be blocked, closed or be too small, meaning air isn’t properly getting through. Another reason your furnace could be emitting banging noises is that it can have dirty burners. This happens because of the delay in the ignition that can cause gas to start to build up and create a small explosion, which then cracks the heat exchanger due to the pressure.

If you hear your furnace clicking, don’t worry too much about it if you are turning it on and off since that’s pretty normal. You should worry if that clicking noise continues since that means something is faulty with the gas, relay, wiring, ignition or even electrical control. You won’t be able to tell which one is causing the clicking noise, which is why you’ll need to call a professional to come and check your furnace.

Hearing a scraping noise come out of your furnace means the blower wheel is in trouble. The scraping noise can occur because it’s possible that it is loose, fallen or it has broken entirely. And if you don’t do anything about the scraping noise, the longer you let it happen, the worse the problem is, and you don’t want to let it get really bad! As soon as you start hearing a scraping noise from your furnace, turn it off immediately and then pick the phone to call Frew Plumbing to come and fix it.

Usually, if you hear a rattling noise from the furnace, it can be something as simple as a loose cover panel or a few loose screws, which can easily be fixed by yourself once you find the culprit. But rattling noises can also mean a more significant problem with your furnace, which only a professional can help you with. A rattling noise can signify that there is a malfunction in the furnace’s motor or even a leak in its heat exchanger. This can be dangerous since carbon monoxide can be emitted into your home, putting your family in danger! Just call Frew Plumbing when you hear a rattling noise to be sure and safe!

A squealing sound from your furnace is never good and can be the result of a few things. First, it can indicate a damaged blower belt. Or it can mean that the blower motor isn’t working right. And it can even turn out to be something like its bearings needs some oil. But you won’t be able to tell unless a professional comes out to see it so that they can make any needed repairs and adjustments.

If you’re unsure of any noises coming from your furnace, simply call Frew Plumbing, and we’ll make sure to get to the bottom of those sounds!