Winter Air and Humidity: How Indoor Humidity Provides Maximum Comfort This Winter

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Winter is a festive time of year thanks to all the holidays that fill its days, which means you’re most likely have lots of entertaining to do this season! Is your home’s air quality up to par?

Winter air is cold and dry, making you turn on heating devices to stay warm and comfy, which also dries the air in your home since it zaps all the moisture. Dry air can be harmful and pose many health hazards, causing your asthma to flair up, bloody noses and make colds and flu even worse than they already are, which is why it’s important to keep the levels of humidity (the amount of water vapor in the air) inside at balanced levels.

Many homeowners overlook indoor humidity during winter when they should, in fact, be making it a priority, especially when it concerns their health and comfort levels. Making sure that your home has the right level of moisture in the air will ensure that your home’s HVAC system is working for you, not against you (or your electric bill). When you have the right balance of humidity levels in your home, it will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter without even having to turn on fans or the AC/heater. In general, you want to keep your home humidity levels above 30%, but 40%-50% would be ideal. If these levels are off, your home’s air will be bothersome and your family’s health can be at risk. In the winter, humidity levels are low and that can cause dry and itchy skin and susceptibility to colds and infection.  And if you suffer from dry, irritated eyes, the low humidity in your home can agitate the condition and make you experience it more. Humidity levels that are too high or low can cause damage to the inside of your home and its belongings, such as damaging your wood furniture and floors.

To combat this problem, many homeowners opt to install a whole-home humidifier that will benefit their home and family all year around. And it can help save energy since you won’t have to turn up the thermostat during winter since a humidifier can help make your home feel warmer when it’s cold outside. Plus, it’ll be easy to oversee the humidity levels throughout the entire home, without the need for individual space humidifiers that can only do one room at a time. By having to oversee just one humidifier system throughout your entire home, you’ll be able to set and monitor your humidity levels so that they are optimal for comfort, yet safe enough that it doesn’t prohibit the growth of bacteria and mold. Indoor air that’s too humid can also devastate your health, which is why it’s important to have your home’s humidity at balanced levels.

Aprilaire offers great whole-home products, including a humidifier that will protect your family and home from the negative effects of dry air. A system installed by Few Plumbing is an effective way to ensure that your home has the proper amount of humidity to maximize comfort and prevent problems cause by dry air during winter. Their whole-home systems are designed to deliver the right amount of moisture into your home so that it minimizes ill effects of dry air and makes you comfortable at lower thermostat settings. And, according to the EPA, every degree that you lower your thermostat to can actually save you about 4% on your heating bill, offering you long-time savings each winter. If you’re interested in a whole-home humidifier by Aprilaire, Few Plumbing is more than happy to help!