Why Trane?

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Trane AC

Frew Plumbing and Trane: The Names Built by Years of Reliability.

Installations and maintenance of furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners are complicated, but that complication builds reliability. These systems make a difference in the quality of comfort that your family or employees and customers may experience in your home or your business. The efficiency of these systems may also mean spending less on utilities, extending their lifespan, and saving natural resources. Being a responsible owner of a home or business requires you to keep these systems running at peak performance.

The top tip to attain the goal is to find reliable brands, as well as a service provider to install and maintain them. This underscores the value of tapping the best service provider in the Pittsburgh area – Frew Plumbing.

Reliable Frew Plumbing Experience Serving the Pittsburgh communities since 1925, Frew Plumbing boasts all of 90 years of excellent service, earning “an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.” It is a name built by trust – a name that your parents and grandparents knew and trusted. Frew Plumbing is a brand that survived the years by being unswerving in its mission. The technicians are proficient, courteous, prompt, and available round the clock, 365 days a year.

We adhere to the best and safest practices, strictly following the federal laws, code requirements and the manufacturer’s recommendations. We bring our loyal clients the most dependable, superior quality and energy-efficient products, which are similarly backed by long years of experience, such as Trane.

Reliable Trane Products

Trane has been making homes comfortable for 120 years. Founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1885 and a pioneer in air conditioning since 1913, it is now a successful manufacturer of multi-brand commercial products that has 400 locations serving over 100 countries. What made Trane a name to reckon with in the industry is the manufacturing of products with patented technologies that were pushed through extreme tests. All these are designed to ensure you are getting what you deserve: the BEST cooling and heating systems! “At Trane, if a product doesn’t make it through the [our] test lab it doesn’t get made.” This Trane motto is synonymous to extreme tests. It means “16 weeks of bone-chilling cold and blistering heat, in repeating two-week sessions” at Systems Extreme Environmental Test (SEET) in Tyler Texas. It means enduring more than 2,600 hours of continuous testing, including testing the product’s ability to resist salt corrosion for a full week of salt spray. It means using over 900 ways to break Snowball II, the Climatuff® compressor, at the Trane Compressor Test Lab. It is no wonder then that Trane products are endorsed by the world’s best experts and service providers. Reliable Combined Experience The combined experience of Frew Plumbing and Trane is over 200 years. Together, we are a reliable ally for your home or business’ cooling and heating needs.

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Time to call us! Not evey dealer qualifies, however Frew Plumbing is a reliable Trane comfort specialist that you can trust to care for your home/business, just as it cares for the future of the planet.

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