Winter Plumbing problems you can avoid

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Staying safe, warm and comfortable in your home, and enjoying the season, however, can be compromised when plumbing issues arise during the cold months. Regular maintenance of your home’s HVAC systems needs to be on the top of your “to-do” list.

What are the top plumbing issues that may cause you problems during the freezing season?

Leaking and burst pipes.

Freezing makes the water expand, causing the pressure to build up along the water lines. At subzero temperature, your home’s plumbing system becomes vulnerable, particularly when there are pipes and plumbing fixtures made outdoors or on the external walls of the house.

Letting the water run through the pipes for most hours can prevent the freezing of water in the pipes, but it is an impractical and costly solution. Improving the air circulation and keeping the air warm indoors can help, but may not also be practical. A concrete and smart solution is to “winterize” or insulate your home’s pipelines or the wall space.

Septic tank problems.

Two problems you would not want to be encumbered with in winter are bursting pipes and an overflowing tank. Replacing the pipes running between the tank and the septic bed and emptying the tank are challenging jobs, which can take more time as this entails digging into the frozen ground. Thus, these problems can cost more when done in winter.

Plumbing experts can offer troubleshooting solutions, but these are just that – temporary. Be prudent because temporary and backup solutions may usher other problems, such as destroying your landscaping and existing plumbing systems. Sidestep these winter septic tank problems and the costly temporary solutions – have the tank pumped before winter.

Breakdown of the water heater.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your during the coldest season. If you have been ignoring it for most parts of the year, hire a plumber to check out the accumulated sediments during regular maintenance. Sediment build up is one of the most common reason water heaters fail to work correctly.

Apart from removing all the sediments, a professional plumber can similarly assess other problems. If there are mechanical or electrical problems, they can make the recommendation, so you can swiftly address the concern for your family’s safety and comfort.

It’s not too late into Winter. Keep your home a warm haven for you and your loved ones.

A maintenance job done by the Frew Plumbing experts is all you need to ensure that the threat of winter problems can fade just as the last leaf falls to the ground. If you missed it and plumbing emergencies loom with foreboding, call us at 412-761-5711.

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