Trane Rebates – Spring 2017


In Pittsburgh the weather is always unpredictable. At Frew Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we recommend Trane because of their reliability, efficiency and value. Now during the Weather Any Season Sale, you can find out for yourself what makes a Trane unstoppable – any season. Now through May 30, get up to a $1000 trade-in allowance when you buy a qualifying … Read More

Upgrade Your Home’s Air Quality With Aprilaire Whole-Home Systems


Aprilaire logo

Do you know what’s in your home’s air? Chances are you don’t, and that’s not okay. Even though you think you’re breathing good, quality air while inside the comfort of your home, the truth is that your family can be exposed to air that’s filled with germs, dirt, grime, mold and more.

Does my furnace need annual maintenance?


Now that fall is officially here, you’re probably getting your home ready for the upcoming holidays. Not only should you change out your home’s décor to match the season, but you should winterize your home so that it’s ready for colder temperatures. One thing that’s always recommended is that you get your furnace inspected by a professional each year to … Read More

Differences in Furnace Air Filters


Shelves of furnace air filters

Many things in your home have air filters like your air conditioner unit, humidifier, air purifier and the like. But did you also know that your home’s furnace also has its own air filter? And like the others, the one for your furnace must be changed out regularly so that the unit is working right. So how often does your … Read More